Keeping a Puppy From Chewing

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Buy chew toys for your puppy and present them to your puppy in a way that makes the puppy think he/she is receiving a very special treat, that is theirs alone.

Buy bones and raw hide treats for your puppy to chew.

When you witness your puppy chewing an item that is not acceptable, reprimand the puppy in a strong voice, to let him/her know that you are displeased with that behavior. Then give the puppy a chew toy or bone. In this manner the puppy will learn what is his/her property and what it is allowed to chew.

Be patient. Your puppy will soon learn what is expected of him/her and what displeases you. A puppy/dog loves unconditionally, they only want to please. The chewing will stop once the puppy learns that you dislike that particular habit.

Keep personal items such as shoes, socks, purses and clothing out of the puppies reach, until the puppy knows what is acceptable to chew.

Having a puppy in your home is a lot like having a child. You have to take precautions to keep the puppy safe. Some things that might be laying around might be harmful or even deadly if the puppy chews or ingests certain objects.

Keep electrical cords and wires out of the puppies reach to minimize danger to your puppy should he/she decide to chew on these potentially deadly items.


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