An Endless Search

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Falling, falling, in a never ending free fall
Farther, farther, soon I will see nothing at all.
Screaming, screaming, praying someone will hear.
Silence, silence, confirms my deepest fear.
Kicking, kicking, searching for something to find.
Nothing, nothing, the only sound to be heard is mine.
Clawing, clawing, trying to find my grip.
Scratching, scratching, my nails are left behind as each one rips.
Swinging, swinging, trying to hit one of the sides.
Empty, empty, there is nothing there for me to find.
Sinking, sinking, I can see nothing left of the sky.
Forever, Forever, there is no use in ever asking why.
Crying, crying, afraid this could be the end.
Shaking, shaking , I’ve no will left to bend.

Falling, falling, it’s been forever now.
Further, further, it has to stop and I don’t care how.
Screaming, Screaming, hoping that it will not hurt.
Silence, silence, there is nothing left for me to search.
Kicking, kicking, I feel I should have had so much more.
Nothing, nothing, now I haven’t anything to live for.
Clawing, clawing, wishing this to not be real.
Scratching, Scratching, now it’s nothing I feel.
Swinging, Swinging, I’m ready to allow myself to drop.
Empty, empty, my life comes down to one loud long hard flop.

Sinking, sinking, I can see my entire life flash before my eyes.

Forever, forever, there is no time to say any goodbyes.

Crying, crying so grateful that it is over, such appreciation.

Crying, crying as my soul starts to fade I wait with much anticipation.


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