Use Folklore to Predict the Weather

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As a child growing up I remember hearing my parents talk of the weather. They would see signs that would point to weather patterns. Signs such as, if it rains while the sun is out, that means that it will rain at the same time tomorrow. This type of weather prediction is contributed to folklore. I thought it might be interesting to learn how to predict the weather using folklore signs.

There are many folklore signs our ancestors used to predict rain. If the big dipper is pointing downward, where water can pour out it will rain. If there are any number of stars in the halo of the moon, it will rain in that many days. If a rooster crows at night, it will rain the next day. If you hear a chorus of frogs singing, they are calling for rain.

Lets see now what folklore has in store for winter weather predictions. Of course, we all know about the groundhog and his shadow. If he sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. If a cat sits with his/her back turned toward the fire, it is going to snow. If animals develop an extra heavy winter coat, the winter will be bitterly cold. An abundance of dog berries in the fall means a lot of snow the next winter.

These are some more interesting folklore signs that predict the weather. If birds feed and sing during rainy weather, it will rain for a long period of time. If the birds stay in the trees, to wait it out, the rain will only last a short while. If your bones hurt and ache, a storm is on it’s way. If your dog starts running around acting strange during a storm, beware, severe weather is coming.


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