How to Bake Perfect Cookies Without Burning The Bottom

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Things You’ll Need:

  • baking sheet
  • Pam baking non-stick spray
  • aluminum foil (I prefer to use Reynolds wrap heavy strength)
  • refrigerated cookie dough (Pillsbury,Nestle)

wash your hands, and gather all the materials you need then wash your baking sheet properly making sure you scrubbed any access grease left over from last time. Preheat oven to 250 degrees, then wipe down the baking sheet with a paper towel, then spray the bottom of the baking sheet with non-stick Pam. Place aluminum foil over baking sheet,making sure all ends are covered properly. you can add an extra sheet of aluminum foil if you know you oven overheats a lot. then follow the directions from the refrigerated cookie dough wrapper and place each cookie 2 inch apart, that way you leave enough space for them to bake evenly now decrease your oven to 150 degrees and place cookies inside the oven at the bottom rack, wait 5 minutes then switch the cookies to the top rack of the oven. Wait another 5 minutes then examine cookies to see if the top has melted down and has become golden brown, if yes your cookies are done, if no leave them in for about 3-4 minutes depending depending on your once your cookies have finished place them on-top of the stove to let the cool for at least 3 minutes!! any sooner your can chance breaking the cookies into pieces.Now your perfect cookies are ready to eat and enjoy!


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