Does any one have a wii bowling ball?

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A girl sitting on her bed wonders how come they don’t have a bowling ball for the Wii.

She ponders this question as she searches all over Amazon. She makes a list of all her findings the list includes the following things:

  1. Wii Boxing gloves: Gloves for Showtime Championship Boxing.

  2. Will Sports pack: Comes with a tennis racket, baseball bat, and golf club for Wii sports.

  3. Wii wheel: A wheel for Mario Kart

  4. Wii cooking kit: Frying pan, Spatula, tongs, and Knife for Cooking mama

  5. Wii Surgical kit: Stethoscope, Tweezers/ Scalpel/ Syringe, and Thermometer for Trauma center second opinion video game.

  6. Wii Ping pong paddle: For ping pong

As she continues on her mission she stumbles upon a birthday party for Mario he turned 8 years old and they made a video game out of it. They called it Mario Party 8, as she was leaving his birthday party she found out Sonic was giving Mario a trip to the Olympic games. They made a video game out of this to. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games. So Mario got in his kart and started driving to the Olympics. Mario was so happy he could play in the Olympics but he for got Bowser was going to be there and Browser started fighting with Mario in a game called Super Smash Bros. Brawl after all was done and said Mario went back home to a place called Super Mario Galaxy and lives happily ever after. As for the girl she is still Searching for a Wii Bowling ball and would like to thank you for reading this article.


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