Saturday, December 16

Dinosaurs, now with Cyclops! A Tribute to ‘Cy’, the newest addition to the Lost World gallery

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The Lost World has recently acquired a little present from one of their devotees, a present that will help them disprove evolutionary theory. Oned-Eyed Cat to the defense of the Lord!

Here’s the condensed version from Adult Christianity, and here’s the link to the Lost World site. Anyway:

“It’s Absurdaday! The Lost World (Creationism) Museum obtained a one-eyed kitten. You won’t believe what they’re going to do with it.

>So what is in store for Cy? Cy went through some surgery to remove a piece of skin so scientists can study why she ended up with one eye. We have her bathing in formalin – a preservative. Later this month her solution will be replaced with alcohol and then she will be ready to go on tour . When not on tour Cy will be on display at the Lost World Museum. As the Museum’s spoke’s (sic) animal , Cy will help people understand what evolution promotes and suggest Genesis is a better answer to the origins question. >

WTF? A spokesanimal?

>Do you want to know more about Cy? We are chronicling Cy’s life, which will appear in a set of three oversized postcards . The back of each postcard will tell one part of her fascinating story. >

Poor kittie.”

My question is, how do they really intend to use Cy as an exhibit to explain the rationality of Creationism versus Evolutionary theory? Really, in no way is this question meant to be sarcastic or rhetorical – I Just want to know how the existence of mutations supports the Genesis interpretation of how life began. Is the lesson here, ‘God chooses to create whatever life-form he wants, and thus made Cy.’? The Lost World was very vague on its website as to how exactly its new ‘spokescat’ was going to help their cause.

I can’t even begin to say how disturbed I am by the use of a cadaver(infant cadaver) as a spokesperson anyway. This is wrong on so many levels. I’m not even going to start on the creepy-ass and ill-planned ‘postcards’ concept.

Anyway, what do you think?


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