Couple Instantly

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You stood at the bar

Drinking your beer

And looking right at me

Sitting alone

We keep looking at one another

Your smile so bright

You must be Prince Charming

Sitting there watching the band

You watch my every move

When you notice that I am no longer at you

You find who has caught my eye

It is your brother

So you call to him getting his attention

I hear you calling at him

Your brother comes to stand by you

So I once again make eye contact with you

You send your brother to talk to me

He introduces himself asking if I know the guy at the bar

I simple smile again

He nods at his brother

And his brother approaches

Shaking my hand

He sits down beside me

We start talking and his brother leaves

I tell him do you have your brother check out all your dates?

He says that I knew it was you

But had my brother come over

To make sure that you would be cool

You don’t hesitate to kiss me

Surprised but not letting go either

Once we have let go

Your brother just smiles at us

We are a couple instantly

This poem is in my book and can be purchased through Publish America, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Not Just Another Love is a book of love poetry. This along with other poems are meant to touch your heart. If you like this poem please purchase my book.


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