Allow it to happen and your life will change!

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Do you find that just as you feel you are “on course” and life is great, suddenly things spiral and are , well, not so great anymore?

Like a roller coaster ride, or the ebb and flow of the tide, life does have it’s ups and downs. And of course we would all like to keep a steady “up” and everything just be peachy. But often , instead of riding the tide, we fight back and make things much worse than they should be. Negetivity and frustration take over and suddenly you are questioning this whole law of attraction thing.

 I really like  Abraham’s stream of well being and  the teachings of learning to go downstream, or in other words, go with the flow.  

Visualize yourself on a tube on a fantastic river called “LIFE”. This river of life flows fast and slow but it does all flow downstream and you, on your tiny tube will hit bumps along the way. The key is to sit back , and know that if the bumps and choppy water come, you will ALLOW the them , trusting that you will pass them  and be in smooth water again. You just KNOW that you will, whether that be a minute, an hour, a day, a month, time is not  of concern.

Though we all get impatient , the process of allowing things to flow and accepting can be hard. We want now, we are demanding on the clock and grow weary of waiting. I have done it myself and it only serves to create more of those bumps and choppy water, more frustration and feelings of dispair that we will never get what we want. We are actually clinging so tight, that we block what we want . Holding too tight to a dream? Can that be true? Can we dream it, then let it go and just know that it will happen at it’s own time, without obsessing over it? It is not always easy to do, but well worth while. I struggle with it often myself  but see the wonderful and amazing manisfestions that happen when I back off and loosen my grib on those dreams.

Like when you read of a relationship where someone clings so tightly, the other person cannot give any  love back and struggles with their feelings . There are battles and confusion, insecurity  and sadness. Nothing gets solved. But if the “clinger” can learn to let go, often things take an wonderous turn toward joy and openness that was always hidden, and now shining  through.

We have to learn to ask for things, to expect them, then to sit back on that tube in the river Life and let us flow to them and them to us. Easily. Joyfully. Relaxed.

The more we cling to a dream and try to rush it and obsess over it, the more we are caught struggling  . 

 Rather, lean back and let go. Like the old saying “Let go and Let God”, we need to trust that everything will be fine and ALLOW it to smoothly enter our lives.

Life is meant to be fun. Let it be.


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