The Recession & the War Against the People

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Well folks, I’ve finally been hit by “the recession”. Although I work in a fairly recession proof business, the hammer has begun to fall. Think to yourself, if you had a business & a corporate mentality, & by corporate mentality I mean nothing is sacred except profit. Would you use the recession to your advantage? By that I mean, cut bonuses, raises & humans when the company is not being effected in any extreme manner by the unfortunate events that our government & the corporate mentality has inflicted upon us. Think about it….
For the last eight years the Bush administration has declared war on it’s people by systematically taking away our rights by concocting new ways to instill fear upon our people. Now corporations are joining the fray by taking away our most important right, which is to grow & thrive as a human being.  I’m not saying that most businesses are recession proof, but there are plenty & they are using “the recession” as a means to screw their workers. We are constantly being bombarded by simpleton expressions such as”your lucky to have a job”.  It’s all a process to make us feel as weak & expendable as possible so we’ll all be on our “best behavior”.   The deletion of the middle class is in it’s beginning stages.  Wages and raises are rapidly falling behind inflation.  A person who makes $50.000 a year can not even imagine owning a house because of the ridiculous taxes forced upon them.  The interest and fees on there credit cards alone are enough to keep them indebted to the financial institutions for a lifetime.  A student who now owes $40.000 in student loans is starting his new supposed dream job at a rate of $12.00 an hour. This is not the United States that our forefathers wanted for us.  George, Abraham & Thomas must be furiously rolling in their graves.  Hopefully the new administration can bring us back to a time when the American worker had a sense of pride & dignity.  A time when the blood, sweat & tears of a hard day of work meant something.  Progression is not easy to come by these days.  I wish you all the best in these trying times.  JKC


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