Reading Across the Curriculum

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When teaching a subject other than English I have often asked a student to read a particular passage to the class, only to be met with the response, “This isn’t an English class, we don’t read in this class.” Well even though you may not be an English teacher, reading needs to happen right across the curriculum and many have tried to espouse the best way to do that. Here is a way
You’ll Need:

                       Students of any subject


.Explain to your students that before the text book went to the printer and binder, it had to be proof-read, most likely by some professional in the field of English Grammar, and therefore the text is able to be read and understood.


Select the particular piece of text that is being studied and have students read through the section aloud, making notes of the main points as the piece is read.


Break the body of reading into manageable pieces and select groups to read each one. Each group will nominate an organizer, writer, reader, and presenter, and in the allotted time the groups will read discuss and disseminate what their section is about.


Have them read and discussed the assigned section, each group’s presenter will present a précis of the section to the class and explain what it is about.


Field questions from the rest of the class among the groups and through this teachers can assess the depth of learning taking place.


                        It is important that each group’s roles are assigned and followed through.

                        Teacher should circulate and ensure students remain on task.

                        Make sure you know the section of the text, and questions that may arise thoroughly before teaching it.


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