Obtaining Teaching Licensure

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Teaching can be a fulfilling occupation but there are certain qualifications one must have. In the USA one needs to be licensed to teach and that means that the Education department of your state must license you. This is a fairly simple process to follow and provided you have the required education it should be quite expedient

You’ll Need:

                       Teaching degree





Look up the website of the Education Department in your state. Some call it the Department of Public Instruction. On here you will find the education requirements and download the relevant forms.


Have your university in the US forward transcripts to the Ed Department. If your university is overseas, you will need to get an official translation and a course by course evaluation, with a GPA to the US 4 point system. Fees for this service range from $120 and can be as high as $200, depending on the service obtained. Make sure you use a recommended evaluator for your State. To be safe, ask for some evaluator’s names.


Enclose these in an envelope with the fee, approximately $55 and mail it to the Ed Department in your state. If your education level is accepted you should have a license in a week or so.


Alternatively, if you have a three year degree and do not qualify for a full teaching license, you may be eligible to enter teaching as a lateral entry teacher. In this case the county schools board will assign you a number of courses to complete over a two year period to obtain a full license. You will be allowed to teach while you are taking classes to qualify for a license


            Transcripts must show Education courses

                        Generally a 4 year degree is required

                        Teaching is not for the faint-hearted.


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