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From the beginning of the year to the end my writing skills have made some progress over the course of time. Attached is a paper from the very beginning of the year that apparently I did not date but was somewhere in the first week or so if i remember correctly. And the second paper is from our Giver section at the very end when we were tested the date of which is also unknown. Two things that have improved this year are conventions and sentence fluency.

For example my sentences at the beginning of this year were choppy and thrown around. “I have a very special item in my life. It is a small crystal handed down to me from my sister.” but as the year progressed my sentences began to vary and lengthen, “I think Louis Lowry is communicating that freedom of choice is a privilege. We should all have it, even though we can make wrong ones it is worth it in the long run.”

Another example from the first and second paper on fluency are shown in these sentences. “This magic is one of great powers. All you have to do is look deep inside it and push everything else away.” As compared to, “Choices can endanger or save you, but without them we are lost and there is no real society, just vague, lost, and robot like. Without choices we are inhumane.”

My conventions have made progress even though I could care less about them as the learning was forced upon me by a language arts teacher that actually taught me writing skills for the first time in a few years even though I could care less to learn it. It was forced into my brain where it shall stay. For example I now the comma in a sentence using “but” or “because” comes before the word and not after it. And my grammar has improved slightly. “It has an magic…..” I now would never write. I think I knew this at the beginning of the year but am only now catching it. I now catch more mistakes in my writing. This may also be from talking to my smart aleck friend Derek

who will alway give me “crud” about a typo or spelling error. Which isn’t apart of school, but shows my growth as a writer over this year.

My conventions and fluency still need continued work even though they have approved. For example even in the newer paper i can pot a few: the sentence, “Choices can endanger or save you, but without them we are lost and there is no real society, just vague, lost, and robot like. Without choices we are inhumane.” after society should be a “;” not a comma. And “…just vague lost and robot like…” is not well functioned in grammar and doesn’t quite flow; it would be better as “….; we are just vague, lost, and robot like.” These are important me because I wan a career as an author and having better skills will save me money on critiques.

I indeed have writing goals for next year the first I say every year and truly do think I can accomplish it next year even knowing more about the field which shows that i advanced my knowledge in it this year as well. This proves I have the motivation since I indeed did get somewhere. Next year I hope to get closer to or perhaps even publishing my first novel and getting it on the market. Working hard on my conventions and fluency will help me to get there. My second goal is to be a better author and not make so many mistakes in my writing the first time around in areas such as conventions and fluency, therefore there will be more work done and less to get done. Ha-ha then I can get essays such as theese done in four minutes of my time and not five and still maintain my A average. Ha-ha.


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