Passion’s United

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The two lovers held one another soaking up one another’s presence. He nuzzled her neck softly and she smiled kissing his cheek. “Love you babe.” Both whispered then passionately locked lips. He ran his hand up her spine as she rubbed his chest softly her hand being the only thing between the two. He wore his black jeans but no shirt as they had been swimming and his Paramore shirt was hung up w. his wet trunks. She wore a skirt just for him it was black and down to her knees a slit half up the left leg and purple sleeveless shirt an untied ribbon at the waist line.

She’d cut off one side of it so it was just a purple piece of cloth flowing from the bottom of the top. Her bare foot popped up behind her as she leaned into the kiss. His arms wrapped tightly around her back and they kissed hungrily in front of the new lake they’d found in England. They had left “their lake” behind in America with a stone in the exact center of it on the bottom ANVASM and heats carved into it. The bare parts of their skin dripped the new lake’s water over each other and in the background her laptop played endless summer.

They kissed deeper and deeper and more passionately till he softly licked at her lips. She gazed into his big blue wanting eyes and slipped her tongue to meet his. Both made slight smiles as their tongues gently flicked about the others. She danced her hand over his chest as sensually as she could and he softly groaned as his tongue slipped past hers into her mouth. He licked softly around the outside at first then explored deeper in as her tongue too danced in his mouth. His hands stroked her sides softly within her boundaries. As the kiss kept on both felt want welling in them and their tongues tackled and wrestled briefly. His tongue eventually dominated and sigh sighed still stroking his chest and ribs with the fingers of one hand and played with his hair with the other.

He softly reached up to run his fingers through her brown locks of hair as well. She pulled slowly away from the kiss causing him to grunt disappointedly. She though, wasn’t done with him and softly began to kiss his earlobe sucking lightly still stroking along his chest with her fingers. He groaned happily squirming slightly in pleasure. She giggled, “Cute.” She whispered in his ear blowing lightly over it. He held one hand behind her head and one under her back dipping her softly kissing her neck. She softly moaned wrapping her arms around the back of his neck.
He dropped to one knee before laying her over the grass and traced her lips with his fingers as he kneeled over her, “I love you my Aqualine.”

“I love you too my Andraic.” She sighed and reached up brushing his cheek with her hand.


“And beyond, beyond-“he cut her off smirking and kissing her. The two kissed endlessly and when they paused for breath they made up for it by holding tightly to each other. Neither ever wanted to let go,; maybe they wouldn’t. They didn’t really need to either.


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