Group Website Tasks in Junior High

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This is how I organized a group website task in an 8th grade history unit. the task was to author a website with specific questions to drive their research. In this case the topic was Prehistoric Man, but it can be adapted to suit any situation.
Things You’ll Need:

                        Class in groups

                        Text books


                        Library for research



Decide what each in the group of you will contribute to the task. For example, who will design the Title (index) Page? Select which group member will research and write for Step 2-1, Step 2-2, Step 2-3, Step 2-4, Step 2-5. And Step 3-1, Step 3-2


Research and gather the information, remembering to fill in a Bibliography sheet according to the Style guide your school uses and on the teacher’s copy.


Open Windows Explorer, Open your own Hard Drive space (the school should provide you with space in their network drives.), Right Click on Windows Explorer>select New> Folder, Name it the class/group name>press Enter


Open a Word Document, head up the page Step 2-1 “What was Life Like?” Save that page to the folder as “Step 2-1”. Repeat this process for Step2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 2-5


Open another Word Document and head it up Step 3-1 “How accurate is the above perception?”, Save it as above and repeat for Step 3-2


Save information and pictures to these folders you set up. You can now begin researching to find the content for the above steps. Each group member can store files in their own space until completed, then they can be transferred on a floppy disk


Find useful graphics and pictures, right click on it and save it to your folder for inclusion in your assignment, remember to save the origin of all images.


Find the file, and it should be in as that is where you saved it to. Once found highlight it and click insert. You can change the size of a picture or graphic by left clicking on the picture and putting the arrow on one of the corners and reducing it as you want.


9.Link them together after you have written your contributions by going to the title/index page and making a Hyperlink to each of the relevant pages. This is done by •Highlighting the word or phrase or Picture which is to be the link. •Click on the Insert hyperlink icon •Click Browse and find the file it is to link to •Click OK and the highlighted text will be blue, and will link to your target file


10. Finish the content information for your assignment, and use some of the Word graphics to make the web Page look better and more functional. Once each group member has finished their contribution they should have the teacher sight it and then click and drag it onto a Storage disk. Then take the disk to the computer with the Index page and once again click and drag from that drive to the main folder.


                        Ensure all of the hyperlinks work properly.

                        Spell check

                        If not you can reset them by following the same process as before.

                        Always back up your work.


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