Getting a Refund for a Flight Ticket

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Getting a refund for an airline ticket can be a tedious undertaking, however if you do it the correct way the system can actually work in your favor.

You’ll Need:




Know the guidelines for requesting refunds thoroughly These are found under services on the airline’s website. Most airlines will issue refunds through the selling agent who initially sold you the ticket.


Speak to the Travel Agent where you bought the ticket and preferably speak with the consultant who handled your case, and request a refund.  The best bet is toi provide all your travel itinerary.


Keep to the directions of the Travel agent. This usually entails contacting them again a short time later to provide credit card, or address details.


Give these details to your Travel Agent and they can proceed with the refund. If you had an E-ticket issued the process will be expedited quickly. A Paper ticket will take a little longer but should pose no great problem either.


Keep tabs on your credit card balance to ascertain that the ticket has been refunded. When the ticket is refunded the money will be deposited into your credit card acc or if you paid the Travel Agent with cash or a check, make necessary arrangements with the Agent.


                        Most airlines have a time limit on refunds, usually 2 years after issue.

                        Keep the ticket itinerary available as it helps in processing your request.

                        Be polite at all times.

                        Persevere, because at times the airlines may be tardy in issuing refunds.


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