Get paid playing games online

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Do you like to play online games? Now you can earn money while you play free, simple and fun games. You can bet your money to play against another player. You can choose how much you would like to bet your money from play account to use it for betting against another player. If you lost the game, your opponent keep your betting money and if you win you keep your opponent betting money. You don’t use your own money. Moola start you with 1 cent to play a game and you can climb up to next level if you win. You watch video ads before you can play a game against another player then Moola will locate other players who are online to play against you. 

This is a fun games to do in your spare time. You need to register to start playing games at Moola and then choose your user name and password to access your account. You need to verify your account by entering the code they send to your cell phone. Moola use this just to make sure you’re a unique person. Once you use this cell phone to verify your account you can cash out the money you earned. You can’t use the same cell phone number to register different account.

If you lost all your money in the play account, Moola will give you another 1 cent, once in a while the booster fortune wheel come up and you can get from 1 cent to $5 to start with. Moola automatically transfer 50% of your winning money and 50% of your booster bonus to your saving account. You can change this setting by going to my account and set up an on-going transfer percentage.

You can earn more money by referring your friends.  You earn a small percentage of what they collect or win. You can earn from friend’s friends too up to 4 level deep. 


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