How To Be Victorious in 2009

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The year 2008 is about to end, and if we pause for a little while and evaluate our Christian life, we could always see that there were times when we fall and commit mistakes that we regret and repent. Yet, there is nothing we can do to bring back those times and do it right. Yes, we may have committed mistakes; yes, we may have committed a horrible sin. But God is a God of second chance. And we are thankful that there is a new year, where we can start again. Definitely, God has given us the ability to be victorious. Here are some ways a Christian can take to have victory in his Christian life.

1. Realize that God has a bright future for you.

We have our own past mistakes, our sins, our failures, our mistakes. Many times, a lot of Christians allow their past to drag them in the new year, such that they have a heavy burden to carry. And when we carry our past mistakes, it will be very difficult to have a victorious christian life. Therefore, it is very important to realize that God has a bright future for us. Let us not allow our past sins to hold us and hinder us from becoming victorious in the coming year. Hey Christian, God has a better and bright future for you. In God’s dear name, don’t allow yourself to be held down by your past!

2. Use the past as a stepping stone to build a bright future.

Instead of dragging our past sins, let it be a stepping stone to build a bright future for us. We cannot undo our past mistakes, but let it be a learning experience. A stepping stone is better than a stumbling block. It is easier to jump when you’re above a stone than underneath. When we leave behind our past sins, it is easier to go soul-winning; it is easier to read our bible; it is easier to pray; it is easier to give our tithes and offerings; and it is easier to go to Church.

3. If satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.

Our future as a believer, as a son of God, is heaven if we trusted Christ in our hearts by faith. And that, my friend is enough for us to rejoice because our names are written down in heaven. Our future is bright because we spend our eternity in heaven with God. On the other hand, satan will spend eternity in the lake of fire – Hell. Satan will try his best to remind us of our mistakes. He might say, “hey Christian, look what you did, you have failed; you will not be used by God; you will not be victorious.” But every time satan reminds us of our mistakes and sins, let us remind us of his future. Glory to God, we are heaven bound!

My fellow Christians, let’s not dwell on the past because there is a bright future for us. Let us be determined to lay our burdens on Jesus’ feet and start a victorious christian life this 2009!


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