My Sewing Adventure

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Who here likes to dress up for Halloween?  I like to dress up and there was a costume party coming up that I was planning to go to this last Halloween.  I tried to think up creative ideas or look things up on the Internet and try to decide what I wanted to be.  Do I want to be sexy, scary or just cute (or all three plus some other adjectives)?  Dressing up is like when I was a kid and I went into my mom’s closet and wore her clothes and shoes.  It is a land of pretend.

As you know, economy isn’t so great right now.  I really don’t have the money to buy anything new so I decided to try to make my own Halloween costume this year.  I had spent some money on a lingerie outfit and that was a big splurge so I wanted to get use of the outfit.  However, I wore it at a party a couple weeks ago so I wanted to mix it up a little just in case I saw someone that had already seen me in the outfit.

I decided to search through my closet and see what I could come up with.  I figured I could wear the top from my lingerie but I wanted to mix up the bottom.  I wasn’t even sure yet what I wanted to be.  Maybe a munchkin?  Maybe a fairy or pixie?  Oooooh – I love the pixie idea.  I think I want to be a pixie.

I found a broomstick skirt in my closet that had orange and maroon in it.  The top I was planning to wear is black and merlot colored (basically purple) with white lace.  What if I can mix up some white lace with my broomstick skirt?  Let’s see – where do I get white lace.  A ha!  In my closet is a white lace dress that I had broke the straps on.  Perfect!

So I took the white dress and I got out my sewing kit and I took the dress apart.  I removed the top of the dress and the lace and I decided to sew the lace over the broomstick skirt.  I got out my orange thread (the skirt is orange) and I hand sewed the white lace over the skirt.  It was wonderful.  It is so relaxing for me to sew and I watched Heroes and just relaxed stitching in and out.  I had to cut the lace and that left a seam open.  That’s ok.  Maybe it will be sexy or maybe I can sew it later.  Still, I was so proud of my creativity and my accomplishment of finding things in my closet that I could put together.  I tried it on and I wasn’t sure I liked the way the lace fell but it was still cute.

The afternoon before the party, I went to visit a lady from the Desert Sage Auxiliary who was going to teach me to sew.  So I brought my skirt with the lace and thought maybe she could help me.  She has a sewing machine.  Learning to sew on a sewing machine is really fun.  So I sat down that afternoon and she taught me how to sew the gowns for the memory boxes for the Desert Sage Auxiliary.  Then I asked her to help me with the skirt. 

First I sewed up the open seam on the white lace.  Then I tried to figure out how to bring the hem of the skirt up to make it a knee length skirt instead of a floor length skirt.  I had a great idea but I could tell the lady I was with had other things to do than to bother with my skirt so I did a quick fix and I thought it looked really cute.  It poofed the skirt out and shortened it to knee length.  I knew it wasn’t perfect but How fun!!!  I asked my parents for an early birthday gift.  I asked for a sewing machine.  They bought me one and I can’t wait to use it.

So I went home to take a nap and then get ready for the party.  My friend Laura was coming over to get dressed and go to the party with me.  I went out and found Angel wings at Big Lots for $6 and I went to Wal-Mart and bought pink, purple and gold glitter spray for my hair and my wings.  I even knew I was going to put my hair in pigtails.  I bought ponytail holders with little bows on them in pink and purple.  This was so exciting.

When Laura got there, I showed her my wonderful skirt and as I looked at it in the mirror I realized a few things.  One, the skirt is too big around my waist, two, the lace looked awful and three, the colors didn’t match with my top.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  It was fun putting it together.  However, it really didn’t work for the purposes I was looking for.  Funny how great I thought it was, isn’t it?

So I wore the same lingerie outfit again, without the stockings, with different shoes but a whole new look to it.  I put my hair in pigtails, I put on my wings and Laura painted designs on my face in pink and purple.  I sprayed my hair with the pink and purple hairspray and sprayed gold glitter through my hair and all over my body.  I felt good and I looked good.  Then I looked at my bathroom.

There is gold glitter everywhere on my counters, the faucet has turned pink and there is a pink and purple outline of wings on my carpet.  OK – so I am not very bright sometimes.  The carpet needs to be replaced anyway.  The faucet will clean (if I ever get to it) and I look cute. 

I may not have sewed it myself, but I felt good about the finished product.  As for the skirt I put together, I took it apart.  I took off the lace and took out the stitching I did on the skirt.  I cut it and made it into a knee length skirt.  I got a new sewing machine and was able to hem the skirt all by myself.  I tried to make my son a costume but I think that will have to wait until next year.  The sewing machine is a whole new adventure….


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