Men’s Alluring Features

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Men’s alluring features

The first things I notice about a man are usually his eyes.  If it is a picture and he has sunglasses on, I will search or ask for another picture so I can see his eyes.  A man can look good looking with the sunglasses on but the eyes show much more about the man.

The next thing I notice is his smile.  Is it a big life-loving smile?  Does he hide his teeth?  Does he have any teeth?  Does his smile encapture me to want to smile back?

When he shakes your hand, is his handshake strong?  Does he have long thin fingers, short plump fingers or somewhere in the middle? 

Does he have broad shoulders?  Is he built like a football player or is he lean and thin?  Does he stand with confidence or slump over?

Is he thin around the middle, muscular or a bit plump (or very plump for that matter)?  Is he proportionate with the rest of his body?

If his legs show, are they muscular?  Does he have muscular thighs or plump?  Are his calves defined or just part of the rest of the leg?

Does he have a tush?  Is it as big out as it is wide?  Is it proportionate with his body?  Is it existent?  Does it bubble out while he is standing?  When he bends over, does it make me bite my lip with wanting?

When he says something to me, is it intelligent, funny, condescending or hurtful?  Does he talk about himself constantly or does he ask about me?  Does he speak with passion?  Does he say nothing or join in the conversation?  Does he seem like he is cautious?  Does he speak without thinking?  Does he seem happy, indifferent or guilty?  How does he react to the things I say?  Is he really listening?  Is he exciting to listen to?

When he moves, is he graceful or clumsy?  Can he spin you around the dance floor or does he sit and drink a beer?  Does he touch you whenever he can or does he keep to himself? 

If you are out together, does he know where you are at all times without stalking you?  Does he smile at you from wherever he is and make eye contact so you know he’s keeping his eye on you?  If you see him from across the room, does your body react even though he hasn’t touched you or is even near you?  Do his eyes tell you all?

Now I am back to the eyes again.  Men, this is the way some women look at men.  Think about this when you are out with a woman.  Our minds are complicated and constantly moving. Remember to be chivalrous.  Remember in bedroom, treat a whore like a lady and a lady like whore.  My desire is to be taken but made to feel sexy and loved.


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