How to Have a Winning Job Interview

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Job interviews are one of the most difficult things we go through.  It’s like a driving test; you’re in the driver’s seat and the recruiter is ready to pass or fail you.  The difference between a driving test and an interview is that it’s difficult to know for sure what the recruiter is going to be looking for.  It can also be difficult to know how to prepare for the moment your sitting across from your interviewer.  The following are some tips for coming out on the winning side of the interview, and impressing the recruiter along the way.

Prepare for the difficult questions you will be asked.  Do not put your faith in your trusty wit to come up with brilliant on the spot answers, it probably won’t happen.  Look into what types of questions are typically asked in interviews, and plan answers ahead of time.  Practice reciting the answers as well, you will feel more confident with them.  Make sure to have stories of your achievements that will show the recruiter qualities their company looks for.  Another excellent resource for your arsenal would be to research the company and its values.  You can thread your knowledge of the company into your answers.  

The most important aspect of the interview is the first impression.  So, make sure that you are dressed to impress, with a countenance that shines.  The following is an imperative: you must plan to be their early.  Disaster likes to strike us when we are in a rush, so give yourself ample amount of time.   

Once in the room with the interview underway, there are ways to impress the interviewer.  You must display confidence, but do not be cocky.  Make sure to stay alert, lest the interviewer catch you off guard.  They are looking for ways to create unease, and cause you to be outside of your comfort zone.  If you’re prepared, rest assured that you won’t commit any blunders.  This will greatly impress the interviewer.    

The interviewer evaluates you in different ways than you might think.  The majority of their impressions are not made based on spoken word, but rather on characteristics such as tone of voice and body language.  So, the biggest thing not to do in an interview is display nervous body language and habits.

Take the time to prepare, plan, and practice for your interview.  You’ll feel more at ease, and that can only help you in the interview. So, take the wheel with confidence, and impress the recruiter to the point where they couldn’t see their company without you


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