Prequel to Love’s Suicide

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The two stepped from the plane hand in hand. The torment was over. The lovers were finally together.The world was right. Don and Nicky smiled at each other and kissed lightly. Here they were. She was away from foul America, here in Britain; in his arms right where she belonged. The hell she had once deemed inescapable was escaped and the impossible done. They kissed again and stood there over both faces were loving grins.

Your mom coming?” Nicky asked yawning from the 10 hour flight. “Yeah. THERE SHE IS!” Don pointed happily to a cheerful looking blonde women who looked to be in her early twenties but was truly in her young thirties. The three of them held each other close and a few minutes later Don’s mother Mixie had escorted them to her car.

A fifteen year old girl with a tragic past and a near seventeen year old boy who was here to help her overcome it. Two teens who were striving for the impossible. She reached up and undid her loose blue hair from its ponytail then redid it. Still a strand of hair fell loose. Not that she cared. She simply placed it between her lips and ponderingly sucked at it. From her shoulders hung a purple strap shirt and from her waist to her knees her Capri shorts loosely wrapped about her legs. On her feet she wore newly bought purple converse to match his ones of black. She held in her hand that wasn’t gripping his, her purse holding in it her first few novel writing royalties. Around her finger on this hand was her engagement ring to him. This was all she’d brought, money to live, and her ring of loyalty to him.

Nothing from her past life was else wanted or needed. He stared back into her hazel colored eyes that were nervously darting from him to his mum with his own oceans of water blue. And her half lush, untouched by makeup lips that she occasionally bit it thought. Dressed in MCR band t-shirt and black jeans he was rather hot and hoped she wouldn’t notice him sweating. He knew it wouldn’t matter her. She’d only shush him and kiss him if he apologized for it, but still. He smiled as she squeezed his hand showing his black and purple braces and used his free hand to roll down a window and brush his blonde curls from his face.

Don’s eyes slanted downward to her wrist where a small tattoo of a skull and cross bones met his eyes. He tried not to be bothered by it, but he couldn’t help but wonder. He knew on her other wrist which was attached to the hand where her engagement week rest was a tribute to her reason for living; a black and purple heart with a J for his last name in the center. It didn’t help much though as he knew her love for him and her wish for death were in constant battle.

Now though, it was going to be ok. She was here. He wished the tattoo be gone but laughed when she felt her soft finger under his chin, “I’m up here babe.” She smirked cheekily pointing his face at her own.

She had whispered of course as his mum was near but he glanced at the driver seat anyway. “Ey, I was just looking at your tattoo.”

“Sure you were.” She laughed again and leaned her head against this shoulder.

Weeks went by of love filled days and preparation for upcoming high school years in England and for him to back to college. They spent all their hours on dates or in her new apartment and when he slept she wrote and when he woke she slept till breakfast.

Then their first day apart came. They clung to each other at the door and kissed up until the last seconds to departure. After he was out of site though, she turned back, she walked into their apartment bathroom and ran the tub full though she’d previously showered that morning. She placed her purse where he was sure to see it. She pinned a note up on their bedroom door. She kissed the picture of their first kiss and without bothering to undress, into the water she slipped. She smiled. Now, the pain could truly end. She pressed her face to the basin of the tub and never came back up.


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