Work Home Idea: Text Chat Operator

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Most people are confused with exactly what text chat is and why would anyone do it. Well text chat is exacly what it implies; chatting by way of text. And for the same reasons people call hotlines looking for fun, are the same reasons they text. The text chat operator will be working by way of computer and will get paid per text.

When you are first beginning, you’ll notice some of the higher paying companies will require experience. They lower paying companies do hire without requiring experience, though the competition is very high. Most companies require a confidentiality agreement, so you may not get a lot of inside information while conducting research. You can expect to receive anywhere from .05-.07 cents per message with the lower paying companies with expectations of 110-160 characters per message. Ofcourse once you are hired, the company will reveal more.

Also, if you are bilingual there will be more opportunities and there is something called rota and non rota. Remember that rota is where you will be required to work a set schedule and non-rota means that you can work whenever you want. Here are a few companies that hires newbies and a few resources as well. When applying focus on what you can offer such as how fast you type, how keen you are online, how you are social, outgoing, and fun etc.

Text121 : Known to hire frequently, currently non-rota (no schedule), minimum of 2000 msgs per pay period required. Pays by check for US and direct deposit.

NoGoats : Hires for non-rota and rota positions as needed (not sure of minimum hours needed), occasionally hires beginners. Does hire Canadians. Pays by direct deposit and paypal.

Papillon : Hires occasionally, scheduled required (flexible). US and Canada, up to .06/msg and bonuses. See their FAQs. Note: They have not updated their application which states a bilingual position only, so just select the box where it says Bilingual Text Chat, and then select English under the Languages section if you are not bilingual.

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