The Aidi

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The Aidi is also known as the Atlas Mountain Dog, Chien de l’Atlas, or Atlas Shepherd.  Several common misspellings are aididog, aididogs, adidog, adidogs, aide dog, aide dogs, adi dog, adi dogs, aidedog, and aidedogs.  This ancient breed has existed for more than five thousand years in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa.  It originated in Morocco and is still to this day depended on to protect the flock and the family from wild animals including wolves, jackals, and bears.  The average life expectancy is 10-12 years, average height is 21-25 inches, and average weight is 50-60 pounds.  While the Aidi is usually a creamish color, there are variances where they can be a wolf grey, with grey flecks, a dull red, black, tawny, or black and white.  They have a moderately long weatherproof coat that is thick and course, longer at the neck and tail areas it the coat will shed quite heavily twice a year.  The Aidi is very high strung and energetic, with a rugged appearance and a slightly aggressive nature toward unfamiliar people and other animals.  The Aidi barks quite a bit and requires exercise and metal stimulation to prevent boredom, otherwise it can become destructive.  As an extremely protective dog, they have proven to be adept family dogs as they will care for and protect their family.  They require firm and kind training with a strong alpha male figure.  In their natural environment, they are often paired with the Sloughi, the Aidi will track the animal of prey and the Sloughi will give chase and go in for the kill.  The Aidi was not recognized by the UKC until July 1, 2006.  Very adept at assessing the threat of danger and very affectionate with their family, they are good for guard dogs and family protection.  It was thought for a very long time that this breed would not be good with family situations, but it has proven that thought process wrong.  Definitely recommended for family protection.


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