New Years Sober

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Ever year people are going to get drunk and party on New Year’s Eve. Myself I am going to take a different apporach instead. I am going to bring the New Year in, sober. One reason is why do I have to be toasted to enjoy the passing of a new year. I am not saying it is wrong by any means, I want to try something a little different for once. I might watch the ball go up and down and then again I might not.

This is how I am viewing New Years this year. A year to learn more, share with others, love life, and enjoy the special moments. The New Year brings me a chance to work on goals, and really make an effort to achieve them. I will be making a list in the new few days of what I want to get done for 2009.

I still might make a toast to the New Year but I can do that with some sparkling punch or juice instead of beer, or liquor. For some people this is difficult to do but it can be done. Ever year since I can remember I have been getting a little messed up but this year is going to be different and it can be for others too. Just put your mind to it and make a change. Enjoy the New Year sober so you can look back and say I knew what was going on and I spent it doing something constructive.

As I end this article I wrote this for the people that like to think outside of the box. I am not saying there is anything wrong with celebrating the new year with some bubbly I am just saying try something different only if you want to. Happy New Year, enjoy.


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