How to Plan Bathroom Remodeling

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Visit your local library and take out some Home Remodeling magazines to give you some ideas how to approach your bathroom remodeling. No need to spend money on magazines when you can borrow them from your local library.


Collect your ideas and decided what you want to change in your bathroom. Depending on what your budget allows you to spend will determine if you want to change everything in your bathroom or just a few things.


You may want to changes things like, vanity, toilet bowl, tub, light fixtures, mirrors, towel racks or anything else you decide to change. If this is the case you will need to make a simple floor plan and take some measurements of anything you want to replace in your bathroom. The floor plan will help you purchase the correct size vanity, bathtub, toilet bowl, etc. Take wall measurements for mirrors.


At this point decide what you are going to change in your bathroom. If your changes involve plumbing, consultant a plumber and tell him what you want to do and obtain a written estimate from him.


If you decide to go only with the bathroom décor, like changing the wall color, lighting fixtures, area mats and mirrors, read on to the next steps for some suggestions.


When choosing the wall color for your bathroom, you want to pick a warm relaxing color. When you’re laying in that tub or spa you want to have that cozy feeling.


Bathroom lighting is also important for your relaxing time in the tub. It may be as simple as replacing the light switch with a dimmer. You want to use low incandescent lighting for relaxation and bright daylight lighting for when you’re in the bathroom getting ready for work or applying makeup.


You also may want to add a full length mirror to your bathroom wall or just change the existing mirror with a more decorative one.

Step9 :

An area mat, of the right color, will also add to the décor of your bathroom. You will be amaze how your entire bathroom will take on a new look just by changing the color scheme and lighting.


Always get the opinion of friends or family and ask them what they think of the colors you have picked out. Don’t forget to consultant those remodeling magazines for ideas on color selection.


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