How can you earn more money by writing articles

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Earning more money by writing articles is a good idea,is not it? I thought about this very much and decided to write my point of view about this topic.

First of all, if you are innovative enough you can find lots of ways to increase the number of people who will not only have a look at your articles but also read the interesting facts you are writing about. Probably the most important thing is to choose the right topic you want to write to. It is not bad, this topic to be eye catching even for those readers who are not interested in such themes. Sometimes the curiosity is much more bigger than we think. Your topic should contain such keywords which give you a bigger chance to be on the first page in google, for example. For this purpose you can use: You can also try by looking at: Hopefully both sites can help you find the important words for your articles.

Then, you have to write your article in a most interesting way you can find. The language should be colorful and you have to choose the best phrases for explanation of your thoughts. For instance, when there are holidays around the time you are writing, it is a good idea to write something linked to the occasion. New Year is coming very soon,why not trying to write about this?! Write in a simple and understandable way.

Another inportant thing is that most of the people searching the net are ordinary people. They think and act in an ordinary way. They even search in such a way! This reminds me that you have to think that you are writing for a large community.

Of course,you can invite your ftriends, relatives, colleages and neighbors to read your article and tell you if they like it or not. So,you can improve your writing and at the same time you can understand what is interesting for people. You will create new topics and new ideas will come to you.

If you have your own blog or website, use it by placing a link to your article. You can even use the sites or blogs of your friends to do this.

You can also join the forums linked to your article and tell the people for your own writing.

Another important thing is to write lots of articles. If people like them they will follow your future writing and they will want to read something new from you. So, you will have lots of readers and money will come to you as the most natural thing in the world.

I hope that I have helped with my tips to all who want to write and earn money on line.


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