School Shootings

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What is the cause of school shootings? We choose to over look what was really going on.
There is always a reason that a student lashes out. The media likes to make a circus with it.
The person or persons who committed these offenses had a reason for what they did .

Even if you want to ignore it. Think about this maybe the person who did this was tormented for
Years by other kids finally giving up and getting payback. When I was in school I was severely picked on. I talked to the principal but of course he did nothing. That is the problem, sure innocent kids died, but maybe they pushed and pushed until this kid had no choice but to fight back.
We need to start looking out for our kids. The bullying needs to stop. In my case I just dropped out.

I did graduate, but at a later date. Kids should not be afraid to go to school. When you stop the
Bullying you will stop the school shootings. Have you ever thought that the shootings at columbine
Would not have happened if they had been looking out for each other. You need to hold a school
Open house to stop bullying if you stop the bullying you stop the shootings. Certain kids are messed up from birth but there is always a better way to do things. there are certain signs to be aware of. If your child is usually happy and outgoing and you notice a drastic change in there behavior talk to them. Maybe we should start spending more time at home with our kids rather than at work.


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