Helpful Tips to Increase Sales for your Business

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Sure the economy is slow and many people are afraid to spend some money but that doesn’t mean you should close down your business and go away.  It just means that you now have to be a bit more creative to attract customers to spend their heard earned dollars on your product or service.

You are in business and you obviously have something to sell or offer a great and useful service.  Whatever it is now is the time to let your customers and potential customers know about it.  Here are some ideas that may spark some creativity in your mind or in the minds of your employees to generate some additional sales.

Try Upselling

The customer is already buying or paying you for something.  Use this chance to increase this already sure sale into a higher one by adding something onto the sale at a reduced cost.  If you hang drywall offer to the homeowner that you will paint the room for half off, something along those lines.


Back in college I use to deliver Pizza for Domino’s.  One of the greatest marketing efforts we did was when we delivered a pizza we took coupons with us and after we made our delivery we would have a coupon on the doors of the two closest neighbors to the house that we had delivered to.  More customers meant more tips for us, and more profit for Domino’s.  It was a win-win situation for all of us.

Power Words

I call these power words because they invariably spark interest in people who would not normally look at your advertising.  Using such words like “discount”, “sale”, “for a limited time” makes people think they need to act quickly.  A local carpet business is always using this technique on overstocked carpeting and according to them when they run that ad their business booms.

Just because the economy is slow does not mean customers do not exist.  It just means customers are more frugal and are looking for better deals, better customer service and so on.  Now is your chance to offer it to them.

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