Healing Crystals: Rose Quartz and Their Benefits

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Rose quartz crystals are known for being highly beneficial in matters of the heart.  They represent unconditional love and infinite peace and are associated with the heart and higher heart Chakras.


Rose quartz crystals are quite beautiful because of their uniform color and soft pink color.  They are thought to help you to perceive the beauty around you as well as attract love.  Since they are a high vibration stone, you can place rose quartz crystals in a location near your bed or in the relationship area of your home to draw love to you.  They will also protect and nurture your existing relationships and restore harmony and trust.

Known to be the finest emotional healer of all stones, rose quartz crystals will aid in releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache.  They also help to transform negative emotional conditioning into a more positive mindset.  They soothe internal emotional upheaval and comfort grief and are very beneficial for anyone who has ever loved and lost by helping them to move past the breakup and be more receptive to love in the future by helping you to accept the inevitable changes in life.

Rose quartz crystals are beneficial in overcoming trauma, sexual imbalances, emotional recovery necessary after being raped, heart and circulatory problems and the reduction of tension.  They are also very effective in treating conditions that are associated with the chest, lungs, kidneys and the adrenal glands.

They are very helpful in counteracting the symptoms of vertigo.  In addition, they are excellent for dealing with issues associated with midlife crisis and are thought to be beneficial in combating the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and senile dementia.

Rose quartz crystals are associated with the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra and the planet Venus.  They are also linked to the number seven.  Holding a rose quartz will enhance positive affirmations and assist you in keeping a clear view of your real intentions in your day to day interactions as well as in your deeper relationships by keeping your intentions noble and pure.

Smoky Rose Quartz

Smoky rose quartz will help alleviate nightmares, boost concentration and provide pain relief from conditions such as headache and cramps.  They are also helpful in the healing of muscle and nerve tissue.  They are very beneficial to anyone who is trying to overcome an addiction.

While being associated with the same aspects as rose quartz, they are linked to Pluto and the numbers 2 and 8.  In addition, they are also associated with the Zodiac signs Scorpio and Capricorn.

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