How To Avoid The Dreadful Acne?

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Acne is a dreadful condition for most teenagers especially for young women. Acne makes teenagers feel like hiding in the closet. This should not happen.  Teenagers should enjoy everything life has to offer except acne.

To help you avoid acne, let me give you some useful tips on how to take care of your skin.

Step One

Know that oily skin is common among teenagers and thus your skin will be prone to acne.  You have to take care of your skin to avoid acne.  Acne comes from clogged pores.

The excess oil that is excreted mixes with the dirt in the surface of your face and there develops acne.

Step Two

Clean your face with mild facial wash or foam. Avoid bar soaps in your face. Soap tends to dry the skin because bar soaps usually contains lye. Lye irritates the skin and but it does not control your sebum production.

You need to use mild facial wash or foam to clean your face and this will result to the avoidance of acne.

Cleaning your face likewise ensures that your pores will not clog and thus, acne will not develop.

Step Three

If you must go under the sun, use sunscreen. Ultra-violet rays from the sun irritate your skin and induce acne. It is therefore necessary that you protect your skin from direct sunlight. Use SPF15 as the minimum to protect your skin.

Clean and fresh skin does not need too much make-up. Especially for teenagers, make-up may strip your skin with its natural suppleness.

If you must use make-up for parties and other special occasions, ensure that you will clean it thoroughly before going to bed at night. This is to ensure that the chemicals in the make-up will not damage your skin. It will likewise help your skin regenerate if you do not have chemicals in your face at night.

Experts believe that the skin regenerate at night and thus you have to clean your face at night to prepare it for its regeneration process.

Finally, if acne appears in your face, do not panic. Consult a dermatologist. Do not treat it yourself; your doctor will know how to clear your acne more than anybody else will.


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