Uninstall any Piece of Software From Your Windows Based PC

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I could only imagine what it is like for someone with very little experience with a computer. I have been fortunate to not only grow into an adult during the time when computers are required, but work in an industry that enhances my skills.

I have some friends who know very little about computers and usually they call me up for some help. I guess I am their personal help desk if you will. I do not mind doing it since I know I am helping out a friend, but there are those times that you just don’t want to pick up the phone.

One of the biggest requests I get from my friends is exactly how do you uninstall a piece of software from your computer. Let’s say you downloaded some demo version of a new great piece of software, but now realize it is not that great and you will never use it. Trust me that is more common than you think.

Most software products, well the reputable ones anyway, come with the means to uninstall the software once you no longer want or need it. However many times it does not come with it. If you are running a Windows based PC than you are in luck. Windows has a way of keeping track of what is installed on your computer and also has a utility that allows you to uninstall the program.

It is very easy to do, very quick and of course reliable. Simply click on the “Start” button on the lower left hand of your screen. It is the same “Start” button that you would click when you would want to shut down your computer. When the start menu pops up, click the “Settings” option. If you are running a newer version of windows chances are there is no “Settings” option, but you should see a choice for “Control Panel”, which is what we are trying to get to anyway, so go ahead and click that.

If you went through the “Settings” option go ahead and click on “Control Panel” now and you will be in the right place. Once the control panel window appears look for the option labeled, “Add or Remove Programs”. Double click that option to bring up the list of all the programs installed on your computer.

Find the program that you wish to uninstall in the list that is displayed. Click that program, then click the “Remove” button. Windows should display a messaging box asking you if you are really sure you want to uninstall the program. If you really are sure that you want to uninstall the program then click on “Yes”. You could always reinstall the software again if you change your mind, you just will lose any default settings that you might have had.

The screen will show that it is doing something, in this case uninstalling your software, and then it will remove that software from your PC and also the list of programs. That is it you are done!

Now wasn’t that easy? Hopefully if one of my friends is reading this they can print it out and stop calling me.

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