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The search engine is called Google and for all intents and purposes it is perceived to be the Holy Grail of all internet searches. More people “Google” something everyday than any other search engine on the internet. If you go to Google and type in any keyword to search on, in a matter of seconds hundreds of thousands of results will be returned.

How does Google do it? It is simply their page ranking and indexing algorithm. Formulated by a couple of college friends from Stanford University, they were able to devise a scheme in such a way where each website is indexed and ranked on the internet. They call this the Google page rank.

The Google page rank or “pr” for short is a system that ranks a website from 0 to 10 with 0 being the lowest. Then when someone searches certain keywords Google returns the pages that are ranked higher first. In order to keep an updated ranking of the web, Google crawls the internet about twice to three times per year and indexes each website and sends their page rank up or down based on their popularity.

So how does Google know how popular a website is? It is based on the number of quality links pointing back to it. The higher pr a website has that is pointing back to your website the more favorable it is looked upon by Google. For example, the New York Daily News has a pr of 8. If you were to receive a link from the New York Daily News back to your site that would help boost your PR (if it were lower of course), however you pointing back to the New York Daily News would not carry as much weight in the ranking system. For the Daily News it would still help them but not as much as their link back to you would help your site.

There are a couple of good ways to get good quality links back to your website. The first is to partake in conversations on blogs and other written articles where you add quality feedback and in your comment post a link back to your website. When you add comments you want them to add value to the discussion. If they seem like you are just trying to get your link in there chances are your comment will be deleted.

The second way is adding content to the world wide web. People that use the internet are hungry for valuable information. You are an expert on something and you need to write about it. What you want to do is write articles that are about 350 to 750 words in length and offer valuable content. If you are an auto mechanic write about how to properly check your tires for tread wear. If you worked as a handyman, offer some tips on how to repair small holes in drywall. You get the point. Than at the bottom of the article you are going to put in your author resource information. It would read like this, “John Doe is a 15 year experienced auto mechanic specializing in tune ups, brakes and front end alignments, you can learn more about John’s work at” The resource gives you a chance to tell readers of your article that you are experienced so the advice you are giving is valid and also gives them a way to get in touch with you.

Now that you have your articles written what do you with them? You want to submit them to article directories so they can be used by others around the world. You can post them to sites like EzineArticles or ArticleDashboard. These are free sites where your articles are posted and then others looking for content for their site will go there and use your article as it is written, link and all, and post it on their site. The more articles you write and post, the more back links you will get.

Finally, I need to make mention of one fact that a lot of web site owners overlook when it comes the Google pr. Time is your friend and enemy. When you create your website it usually takes anywhere from 2 to 4 months before Google will even take a look it. That is because most websites get removed within the first couple of months. So do not get discouraged if you write a hundred articles in the first two months and your PR is still zero. It will jump up once Google puts your site into its rotation.

Now once you are in Google’s indexing rotation, the older your website is the more favorable Google looks at it. A website that has been around for 10 years will look better than a website that has been around for 10 days. So as long as your website is active and you are building those back links with article content, Google will automatically start increasing your pr.

In the world of SEO development, a pr 10 is like reaching the top of Mount Everest. Stick with these tips, stay focused and you will reach the top.

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