How to Erase Credit History Legally

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Having a bad credit history can hang over your head for a long time.  It can take quite a long time to try and even repair it.  It is important that you take action with your credit history so that you may obtain some credit in the future when you really need it.

Pull a copy of your credit report.  You are eligible to receive one copy of your credit report every year for free.  You can obtain this free copy of your credit report by requesting one online, or even in writing to a credit reporting agency.  Never request it more than once as many inquiries can actually hurt your credit score.

See if there are any errors on your credit report.  It can be a good possibility that there may be some errors from your previous or current creditors, and they could be bringing your score down.  If that is the case, you will need to get them corrected to bring your score potentially up and in this article I will show you how to erase credit history for good. Let’s begin.

First of all, you will need to contact the credit report agency of the error on your report.  Included with the letter you will also want to send any documentation that you have to back up your case.

You will also want to notify the creditor of the potential error.  You will want to send a similar letter to the creditor, as well as send any copies of documentation to defend your case.  As with anything you send in a letter, you will want to keep copies of everything for your own personal reference.

After you have sent letters to the credit agency and the creditor, you will have to wait at least thirty days before you hear any decision.  If in fact your credit report is changed, you will receive a new copy of your credit report with the updated changes.  This report will not count towards your one free credit report annually.

While you cannot erase all of your credit and start fresh, there are ways you can get rid of some of the errors and try to start a fresh beginning by staying more financially responsible.  If you can repair the errors and start to make on time payments, you too can have better credit.


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