How to avoid humilation as a teenager or how to make them feel better?

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Teenage is a vulnerable age. Anything could happen in this period, anything unpredictable. Well, there are many people who face unexplained problems. As a teen, it maybe be difficult to share things with someone. However, most teens go in depression and then keep regretting. They get upset for nothing or everything, and also, they don’t give a damn about anything too. It is an age of confusion, really. We do not know what is going to occur and where, and what is going to upset or make a teen sink in depression.

Well, there were years when I was a teen and did not know what to do when I used to get depressed. I do remember when I was a teen, my thoughts usually changed, transfered, and made me confused when I was grounded or suspended. At times, I could not make decisions at all. I used to wonder- is this life or a dream I am living? When I felt grounded or suspended, I could not find anything cheering. Only lonely, depressing thoughts were my answers. This happened most of the times, especially when someone insulted me, humilated me, or made me feel I am sick.

I thought over this seriously and then pondered over life, what it is? Well, then I started learning! Do you know who my teacher was? My mind. Yes, it is your mind who is your best guide, but you need to understand its powers. I thought, why am I feeling low? And for what? For the things which mean nothing? Or how does it matter even if they mean? For being suspended and grounded? But why? ‘Well, the time whatever I am wasting currently will not be back’, I thought.

Always remember one thing- do not run away from problems or troubles, face them! It is better to face and learn things rather than running and hiding and crying.If you are grounded or suspended, know that it is just adding to your experience, nothing else. Take everything as your experience. Be yourself and do what you feel like, let the world say anything to you, just don’t give a damn about anything! It is what it should be, BE YOURSELF! Thoughts make you feel damned, and negative thoughts discourage you. Even if you feel like that, think about the good times which are going to come your way in future or think about the time when you were with your friends, family or whoever that made you happy.

You can avoid being grounded and suspended. The simples way to avoid every possible negative thing is to ignore everything. Yes, ignore and just live with it. Let your parents say whatever to you, calm down, listen to them and adopt whatever is right, and shun the things which will not help you in future. In shcool, try to make healthy relationship with everyone around, whatever is possible. Help your worst enemy and open some space in his or her heart, do some work for your teacher and impress her. Smile at the worst face you ever came across. Help and show kindness to the one who wants to kick you out of the school (your rival or whoever). At home, try to be more sweety-tweety with your parents, let them think you became a cranky or whatever, Make them feel that you are the greatest son or daughter they ever had. Well, still reading this? Now go and hug the ones who made you feel damned, move on with positive energy, always!


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