How to know what gifts you should give that will end forever?

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Our world is filled with different types of people. In ancient world, people were wise, learned, and they knew the real essence of life. They knew everything when they experienced, when they learned things from their own deeds.

Long time ago, a man passed Buddha’s way. He knew Buddha for his supreme nature and control over anger. Hence, he wanted to incite anger in his heart. He went near him and shouted the words of humiliation, but Buddha did not respond except a smile. He tried his best, he kept abusing, insulting, but Buddha kept smiling. Exhausted, the man thought, “Why am I feeling pain when I am giving him?”

Buddha asked, “Do you offer gifts to people who come to visit you?”, the man replied, “Yes”. Buddha asked again, “What would you do when they don’t accept?”. The man answered, “I will keep them with me”.

Buddha smiled and said, “That’s what I did, I did not accept what you gave me, hence you got back what you gave me, and the thing which I did not accept”.

So with this lesson, we understand that whatever we give to others come back to us. Well, as we know, life is not eternal, but our soul is. After one’s death, what is left? Only words and deeds. Always remember this- you get whatever you give to people in some or the other way. It is a universal fact and we can’t escape from this. However, it’s not necessary that a person we love gives it back but we do get love from someone else in some way, at some point of time in life!

If we ponder seriously, then we see that everyone is selfish. People do help people in order to get something in return. There are very few people who do something for others without expecting anything. Well, some people donate for their own publicity, some do by thinking god will keep space in heaven or god will be happy. Did we ever feel or even try to feel the person’s real pain? Very few do, and the most important thing of all- Your Conscience!

There are many things that you can gift a person that give back. You can gift a person in many ways even when a person is a millionaire. First of everything, you must understand what that person wants or what does he or she lack. However, you can give some of the following gifts that give back:

1) Time: Give someone your time, time never comes back but always remember- when you give your time, you are giving that person a part of your life and it’s a great feeling!

2) Knowledge: Share your knowledge with people, knowledge is something which always comes back in some or the other way

3) Donate Anonymously: When you give something to someone, give from heart and your left hand should not know what your right hand is giving. Meaning, don’t scream and tell everyone what you gave and whom you gave or for what. Make it a secret!

4) Help: Offer help, this is the best thing you can do any time, on any point of life. Try helping the one who hates you and whom you hate the most. Observe the results!

5) Happiness (to the unwanted): There are many people who are less fortunate. When you spend some time with them, they will be very happy. Even when they can’t understand anything due to some mental problems, do not worry because you are not doing this for the sake of doing, you are not expecting anything in return, but you have a genuine reason! That is, to give something to someone who never had anything.You are giving something to someone who really is in need.

Make your heart and mind a better place, then your soul will follow!


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