How can you trust? or Who can you trust?

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Who can you trust? You can answer yourself, the way I learned! well, It is you, only you, on whom you can trust from your everything. That is true, really true. Ponder over this fact seriously and you will realize the difference and also, the deepest parts of your own uniqueness which you never knew. Many people do trust whoever they come across without giving a second thought. This is not a gentle thing, but one of the foolish things that a person does in his whole life-time.

I was one of them, the ones who trust whoever for whatever reasons. I trusted everyone blindly and did never think about the consequences or the things which would occur in future. I trusted everyone, believed everything what they said. It looked as if I was not living a life, but people around me are leading me and my life by asking me to do this or that. And on top of everything, my way of trusting them blindly!

Trusting people is a good thing, but it is very dangerous when you become completely dependent on them. Try to analyze things in life, then calculate everything, every aspect and then start taking decisions. If your decisions go wrong, then never regret. I never did regret for anything, instead took experience. Learn things from life, it is the best thing a person can do.

Trusting someone may prove fatal, meaning, you never know how that person is. It would be better to understand certain things before trusting someone blindly. It is not that you should not trust at all, but you must see and observe who is what.

This happened with me once that I can never forget. It is in my mind, and will always till I die. I came home late at night a couple of years ago when my car broke down. I saw a girl waving and screaming for help. I ran towards her without thinking anything and I saw her condition was terrible. Her clothes were torn and she was bleeding as her wrists were slashed. I asked her what happened and she said she needed help as she wanted to escape from someone. I could not think about anything as I was helpless too. We walked in silence for about 20 minutes and she seemed very comfortable with me. We reached my place and she stayed there with me. She revealed that her boyfriend hits her every time and is a sadist. She seemed innocent, sweet and cute. She was hardly 19 years and seemed to come from a good family too. She slept and moved away in the morning without informing me, and I did not try to search or locate her or her whereabouts.

Some days later, I read in newspapers that a psycho girl killed a boy brutally. She was a serial killer! The most shocking thing was when I saw her picture in the newspapers when she got arrested. Whew! That was too much for me.

It is also true that all people are not same, but with this, I learned one thing- trust yourself first. Trusting one’s own instincts will help you, naturally. Your mind will guide you towards the right path as things are already stored in your mind. I suggest first trust yourself, your mind, your heart, your soul; these things will guide you and show you ways of trusting people around you.


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