The Benefits Of Having High PR Websites

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The term “Page Rank ” or “PR ” is often regards as one of the most important elements that judge website ranking in many webmasters mind. It has a value of 0 to 10, and 10 being the most highly ranked sites. Many webmasters are obsessed with improving their website’s PR value. A website with high PR value will allow webmaster to benefits the most in return. Let us look at what are the benefits of having a high PR website.

1. According to Google’s Page Rank Algorithm Technology: “Page Rank reflects our (Google) view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Pages that we (Google) believe are important pages receive a higher Page Rank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.”

It appears to be very clear that Google views PR as one of the many factors that affects Search Engine Results Page (SERP). By improving the PR value will better position our website in the SERP.

2. Googlebot crawls a high PR website more often. If you are a webmaster who update your websites frequently, your sites newly added content and links will be greatly benefit from the Gooblebot crawling. It helps your fresh content and links to be shown faster in the search engine and indexed. Not only that, If you are a webmaster who has other new websites that linked to your own high PR website, it will help your new websites been crawled by Googlebot more often and improved the new websites in search engine results.

3. A high PR website will raise its virtual real estate value. You may often see people selling links and advertisement spaces like banners in their websites. The higher the website’s PR value, the higher the selling price. Due to the reason that there are many people willing to pay high price buying links and ads from high PR websites, many webmasters are making good residual income every month by just selling links and ads spaces. It is exactly like collecting monthly rental income from property investment in the real world.

4. A high PR website will bring many visitors. Especially webmasters who just want to benefit from getting back links (like leave comments) from your websites. Like I mentioned in point 2, leaving a comment at your high PR websites will bring Googlebot crawls to their websites more often. Therefore, you may see many “hard-working” commentators leaving comments on your websites very often. It is good in a way that you will see a lot of responses every time you make a new post.

As a webmaster, we can indeed benefit a lot from getting concentrate on improving website’s PR value especially in monetary gain. However, please don’t be obsessed with it because it is just one of the factors that influence our website SERP. If we commit to building a great site, we will naturally build a great PR.

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