Don’t waste the chance to do nothing

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Healthy living doesn’t end with what foods you choose or vitamins you take and exersize you perform in your daily regimen. It is also about what thoughts you choose to think. This positive thinking that everyone is talking about really does exist! But the issue that we may come across in our healthy walk is the underlining  fact that we ALL can run into a rut, or have a bout  with depression once in awhile. There are times that seem like the dark cloud will never lift. What is this!? Am I a negative unhealthy person? And what does that mean? Does that mean that everything I am doing is wrong and I need a total mental makeover?

Well I believe that it depends, there are situations in ones life that can stem a depression. Or a complete mind fog. In my personal life I can be just fine and then have a mountain of responsiblilties and stresses, added emotional strains such as knowing that I am going to have to spend time with people that cause me to feel ill. Or and bills that keep piling up because I haven’t the means to pay them, yet they keep sending me letters and threats, on top of these there can be complications with my health that only add more to the mammoth strains I am under, and still children to take care of as a single parent. And this can lead to almost a complete shut down. Does this mean that I am a negative person?

I find what helps is to do nothing! Thats right when you feel like doing nothing, do nothing! Give your body a chance to recoup from the stress that it is under. Now be aware that not everyone will agree with your act of nothingness but they are not the ones in your body undergoing this health issue, so you deal with it the way in which you can and leave others to their own vises.

Things you can do while your doing nothing:

  • Watch movies that will make you laugh so hard you cry and have to run to the bathroom because your gonna pee your pants.
  • Turn the phone off and maybe leave a voice recorded message stating that you are having a much needed quite day to those that will be worried that you are not answering. You can also let them know on your message that you will be checking your phone at a certain time or throughout  the day.
  • Lay on the ground and breath deeply closing your eyes while listening to soothing music or melodic nature sounds/while a nice glow of candles exist
  • Turn on the Church channel this has gotten me out of depression many times so many inspiring words and sound wisdom
  • Sing really loud while walking around your house
  • Sing while walking outside if you can manage to leave your house for a moment even a little fresh air here and there will help aid in your bouncing back and the singing actually boosts your immuine system.(google health benefits of singing)
  • Write down whatever comes to your mind even if it doesn’t make sense and tears blur your vision, keep writing/ if you choose you can crumple up the paper and burn it outside or in a fireplace
  • Crochet~I made a pretty cool hat in a day of depression and it helped my hands stay busy~you can also sew
  • Lay down and take a nap, sometimes we are just simply exhausted! And our bodies are telling us this by affecting our emotions and our state of mind
  • Talk to someone that you trust about how your feeling. Even if you can’t really explain every emotion and or detail. Just verbally express your feelings as well as you can to someone that will encourage you, and take you for all that you are. The good and the not so good. Be honest, you may feel like apologizing to them for unloading but a true friend wouldn’t have you be silent in a time of need.
  • If you don’t have someone right now that you are that close with, you can always call a mental health hotline or a mentor if you have one.  Call a Church of your choosing and ask to talk to a Pastor or elder of the Church and tell them you are in need of counseling you would be suprised who is willing to reach out to you when you feel unreachable
  • Read your Bible or any inspiring book you have
  • If you play music pick up a guitar and strumb some tunes that fit your mood or make up some sad music, use whatever instrument you can get your hands on
  • Make sure that in your nothingness you wear super comfy cloths so that you can lounge around wherever you please

These are natural ways in which I have dealt with bouts of sadness or depression.  I have practiced every single one of these suggestions. Realize that I haven’t all the sudden jumped up and said OMG I am cured!!! it doesnt work that way and really it shouldn’t that wouldn’t be natural. It’s like sugar it takes time for that poison to make it’s way out of your blood stream. So does sadness and depression out of your mind. But also realize that you are not a negative person for feeling these feelings. You are human and you are given this time to recoup and find safe alternatioves to dealing with what every single person deals with at least once in there lifetime.

This world can be a very depressing place but it is within that we will find the strength and will to go on.


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