Drive Traffic from Yahoo! Answers and Make Money

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Yahoo! Answers community has 21 million unique users in the U.S alone and 90 million worldwide. It is a knowledge-based sharing community where users ask questions and others who know will give answers. Take advantage this huge number of members community and join Yahoo! Answers if you haven’t do so. Choose the categories that you are familiar with and participate in answering questions. Yahoo! Answers uses point and level system to reward user. The more points a user accumulate, the higher the user level in the community. So, be active in answering questions and always try to give the best answers. You will be earning reputation and branding yourself in the community by doing so.

There are Two Methods to make money with Yahoo! Answers:

First Method
Every time when you answer a question, there will be two text boxes that allowed you to write, namely YOUR ANSWER and WHAT’S YOUR SOURCE . The later text box is where you put your websites or reference URLs. Users who read your answers will visit this given URLs if they want to find out more. The more you give your reference URLs, the higher your traffics from Yahoo! Answers to your referred websites. Not only that, you are improving your websites indexing in Yahoo at the same time. These are really targeted traffics because they are the “problem seekers” who want answers. So, leverage these traffics on your websites and make money from it using Google Adsense or whatever Affiliate Programs that you are promoting. Please do not insert direct affiliate links in Yahoo! Answers while doing affiliate marketing , you account will be suspended if you do that. The best way is to direct traffic from it to your own website or blog with affiliate links.

My advice, insert related URLs only when answering questions. Please do not spam. Read the Yahoo! Answers Terms of Services and Community Guidelines before you join. Many users seem to get excited when starting to see lots of traffics from Yahoo! Answers. They are putting reference URLs for every question that they answered even though the reference URLs are not related. Guess that? Their accounts get suspended eventually. All points and level are gone forever.

Second Method
Join forums like DigitalPoint and others, and offer services to other webmasters. What you do is that, you offer to help other webmasters build their links while answering questions in Yahoo! Answers. You do exactly as mentioned in the first method. Just that now you are inserting other webmasters website URLs. For example, you may offer a service fee of $100 for 200 links built, or $0.10 to $0.30 for every links built. This is all about how you deal with them. You can even offer $0.50 per link built if your level in Yahoo! Answers is really high. There will be webmasters that are interested for this service. Always go for your niche topics while offering deals so that it will be easier for you to complete the task in Yahoo! Answers.

My advise, you may be earning hundreds in a month if you use the 2nd method. Your earning will not improve any further because you are earning the money in exchange with you time. This may be good for someone who wants to earn some extra income part-time. If you have a website, I would suggest you go for the first method. After all, building links to drive traffics to your websites and make money should be your long-term goal.

Try to participate in Yahoo! Answers and hope you benefit from it. Good Luck!


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