The Popularity Of Teaching ESL and EFL

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Teaching English as a second language is popular nowadays in countries where english as a medium of instruction is not being practiced. Countries like Korea, Japan, China, Mexico, and other non-english speaking countries are focusing on improving the english speaking skills of the younger generation in order to be globally competitive. This universal language indeed is necessary if you want to interact more and introduce your country, products and innovation to the global market.

English is an international language. It is the medium if instruction in some countries and professionals who speak English fluently have an edge to other applicants of the same position. In the Philippines for example, many Koreans study English in the country as aside from being studied in the classrooms, it is also used by Filipinos in speaking to foreigners.  Koreans and other nationals who study in the country learn it faster as they are able to practice speaking it daily.

Teaching English as a second language and as a foreign language is becoming a good source of income most especially to English graduates. More and more people are studying courses related to this subject as it has become easier finding a job not only locally but also abroad with this major. It also allows you to travel to other countries as more and more non-english speaking countries are hiring teachers even from abroad. A lot of Koreans for example are going to the Philippines in order to study English while some go to the United Kingdom or the United States. This also applies to many Japanese nationals who want to study english so most of them go to the UK or the US. China has a great demand of ESL and EFL teachers. You can see it in job hiring sites where a lot of advertisements about the demand of ESL and EFL teachers in China, Taiwan and Korea are posted.

For those high school graduates who are still undecided which course to take, taking courses related to teaching English is a wise step. It’s also not too late for professionals who want to shift career. As mentioned above, studying and learning how to speak English will give you an edge.


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