How to Earn Residual Income Online

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When you earn passive income, your residual income continually builds up into a nice little or big nest egg, depending on the product you are marketing, the time you spend on it and the amount of time you spend promoting your product.

The good news is that is entirely possible and 100% achievable to earn residual income working from home by following the 3 steps below:

Article writing.  Find your passion with niche writing.  Do you have an expressed interest or passion in something?  Computers, German Shepard’s or the Pittsburgh Steelers are all niches that other people are interested in.  Internet sites and online campaigns need articles for all types of niches.

Google Adsense.  Implement Google Adsense on your personal website or blog.  This is an excellent way that many, many people earn residual income by getting paid when people click on the ads that are placed on their website.  Setup is easy and best of all, it is FREE.

Affiliate programs.  Partner with websites that utilize your existing website as their portal for promoting and selling their products.  Most times, you will want to feature products related to the content of your site.  You are paid a percentage or royalty of every sale made through your affiliate link.


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