Valencia celebrates Christmas times

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Valencia is a lively city in the est of Spain which will celebrate the Christmas time with many activities before Christmas Day.Valencia is living the Christmas and its lights are around the city to give all the beautiful face of the city.

Firstly, the big tree which is 25 meters high and the star at the top of the tree which is 5 meters. Also around the square we amassing with the light in the main building and some of the stars in the middle of the streets. This is the main square where the citizens and tourist enjoy the Christmas time in Valencia.

On 5 December 2008, the major of the city, Rita Barbera switched on the lights of the city, but before was a big Christmas oncert in the main square of the city which is named Town Hall Square (Plaza Ayuntamiento) .

From this date, all the city lives many activities around the city. Firstly you can amassing all the nativity scenes around the city which are more than 100. Too you can go to the cathedral to listen concert Christmas and the big nativity scene which is made by Jose Luis Catala, one of the biggest creator of nativity scene in Spain and around the world.

Too , National Ceramic museum is a museum which is living the Christmas times and you will visit. Almoina Museum shows another biggest nativity scene which is made by Association of Nativity Scenes of Valencia. The city of Arts and Sciences show the best images of the Christmas with the big tree and Christmas lights.

From 19 until 23 December you can enjoy the Christmas song in the main square and 24 December, too about midnight you will see the happiness of the city next to the nativity scenes in the Ayuntamiento Square.

5 January 2009 from 6 in the afternoon you can amassing the big cavalcade of 3 kings. All you want around Valencia Christmas times is ready and the city is enjoying with the citizens and tourist. At now you have to take a flight and come to Valencia to enjoy Christmas Times.


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