Patchouli and Sandalwood Bath Collection

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This bath collection is perfect for that special someone in your life who love woody scents.  Both are made with real patchouli bark and sandalwood essential oil.  The soap is made with goat’s milk which is excellent for the skin.  I adore this bath collection, as it reminds me of an old hippy lady who used to baby sit me.   She always had incense burning and it smelled just like this set.  This has also been one of my most popular bath sets.  My daycare provider and her assistant both order this great bath collection every month or so.  They can’t get enough.

Patchouli and Sandalwood Goats Milk Soap

Goat’s milk soap base

Patchouli bark/chopped

Sandalwood essential oil

First you will need to melt your goat’s milk soap base in a double boiler or something similar to this.  A glass bowl in a pan of water will do just fine.  While this is melting select your mold or molds and prepare them with mold release.  I prefer to use unscented petroleum jelly for this.  When your soap base is fully melted, take off the heat and add chopped patchouli bark and sandalwood essential oil.  Pour the soap into your prepared molds and allow to cool for several hours.  Once your soap is cool, take it out of the mold, wipe off any excess mold release, and cut the way you like.  If you use individual sized molds, you will not need to cut your soap.  For this recipe I strongly recommend that you use a suspension formula soap base.  If you do not the patchouli bark will set on the top or the bottom of your soap.

Patchouli and Sandalwood Bath Salt

1 Part finely ground sea salt

2 Parts Epsom salt

Patchouli bark/chopped

Sandalwood essential oil

Find a sealable container large enough to fit the amount of ingredients you plan to use.  Place the sea salt in the bottom of the container.  Add the sandalwood essential oil and mix into the sea salt.  I find that mashing it then stirring the mixture is useful.  Repeat this until the oil is evenly dispersed through out the sea salt.  Next add the chopped patchouli bark and the Epsom salt.  You can stir this up or simply put the lid on your container and shake it up.  Store in the container and shake daily for a week before packaging or using.  Enjoy!


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