The Revolution of the Online Newspaper

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Indeed, CNN alone has blown the entire concept of reporting off the earth and onto another planet with it’s growing and extremely popular iReporter site. Ordinary people do things seasoned reporters often find impossible: report instantly on a world event as it happens. While news consuming traditionalists will read the story in tomorrow’s paper, savvy readers have already digested that news and taken in ten more new stories.

They don’t call it the information highway for naught.

The question is though, are there still good jobs out there for journalists, reporters fresh out of school with a degree in hand?

And the answer is yes, there are, but be prepared to compete with thousands of online journalists – many without degrees or at least in journalism, and for your employer to hopefully be making that transition to online reporting.

As the costs of printing newspapers from a mega-plant increase, not a few major papers have folded or at least gone completely online. The advent of blogging has also torn deeply into the private world of newspaper reporting.

Those who survive and perhaps flourish will be those who embrace new technologies for delivering news, satisfying their reader-base as well as their advertisers.


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