Not So Merry

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Is it true that as you grow up the Christmas does not seem as bright as when you were little? Is it our lack of faith? Or are we, losing faith in others. I try to be thankful for what I have but it’s days like today that make me feel depressed at the lack of compassion other people have. Christmas should be a time of joy for families and a time to remember the good times we have had with those no longer on this earth.

Everything in our country is a mess including the lives of many around us. The economy is crumbling. It seems like we are nearing the end of the world. I am not saying the world is going to end but people are scared of what the future holds. I think the biggest problem with our nation is greed. Do you really think the rich care about who is suffering if it does not effect them? Until they have to pay the same price we are paying they will not care. My true feelings are evident at work this holiday season has seen twenty five percent less business then last year and I am stressed out knowing our slowest months are ahead of us. Being on straight commission makes the situation worse. If I do not sell shoes, I do not make money. Christmas to me, this year has been lost and maybe will never be the same again. It seemed like just another day. Sadness is all I feel right now, as I had eight hundred dollars in returns in the past two days. I feel like I have died mentally the past two days. Is it too late or is the economy to far down and how do we fix it if greedy people continue to be in power and control the way our economy works. I do not know much about the economy but I do know until we start taking care of our business we will continue fail.


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