T-Mobile G1

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So that more value on the smart phone this is precisely its screen. With the vast size of 3.2 inches, this screen capable of displaying a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels with the quality of the display. The screen looks sharp and clear with the colors natural. Touch screen is also quite responsive so you never need to use the stylus to operate it. Although I also screen iPhone, but the ability of this screen is more than adequate.

However, T-mobile G1 of the current Android is not a virtual keyboard for input to be slippery slide open, using the QWERTY keyboard to achieve. It has also become a writer during the trial G1 are most dissatisfied with that slide open after basically have to take up arms to enter. However, the good news is that Android operating system screen virtual keyboard has been in development, so this issue will be solve immediately.

Overall, this smart phone is not compulsory for owned. There are several advantages that make them have more value, but on some side, T-Mobile G1 also have weaknesses. Therefore Trusted Reviews only give the value of 6 of 10 for the HTC products that are sold with prices around U.S. $ 600 or equivalent to Rp 6,600,000 this. This site also complained about the absence of the camera in front of a video call to work

Conclusion :

Best: it has 3.2 inches screen and displaying 320 x 480 pixels, screen looks sharp & clear. It so adequate than Iphone

Less: ancient design and cheaper than apple iphone.


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