Achieving a $100 with AdSense in just 11 days!

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It’s easier than you think

In a post I wrote earlier this month I mentioned that I’d made a little over $25 in the first 48 hours of using AdSense. I also promised that I would tell you all when I’d reached $100. Well, I have been a little tardy in doing so, but here it is.

It’s not all smoke and mirrors …

I’m sure you’re wondering how I did that, and please can I tell you how to do it, and what’s the secret etc. Well there is no big secret and I’m afraid it’s not a simple quick fix to earning some money, and let’s face it, $100 is not going to get you that new car or suddenly make you top of the ‘100 Richest’ lists.

So how did I do it?

A little bit of luck to be honest. I put some ads on websites that I’d had running for sometime now that were getting a couple of thousand page views a day already between them. For one reason or another, it became a good idea to start putting the ads on there and see what happened. At the same time, I set up four brand new websites, joined Twitter and tried to see if during the next 10 days I could make money with either the AdSense ads on the websites I just created or on the older sites that already had visitors.

It’s not all a bed of roses …

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear that out of all those clicks and AdSense dollars I earned during those 11 (was meant to be 10 but took a day longer) days, just three of them came from two of the four new websites. So how much did my new websites generate me in AdSense dollars in those first 11 days? A mere 38 cents!

Here’s the Google AdSense Report that shows $100 in 11 days!

Scroll down, to see the report. Bukisa formatting has screwed up the placement for some reason. Apologies!


That’s the report folks. (This should be further up near the top of the article, but the Bukisa formatting wouldn’t let it fit in) I started using AdSense on the 17th December and proceeded to rack up over $100 in the first 11 days.

But do not despair …

What does my little test show us? It proves that if you can build yourself a website and get people coming to your site, then surely you will make some money from your AdSense ads. I got 38 cents from roughly 800 page views on four different sites in 11 days. Well that’s not a great deal, but look at the table above and you’ll see that building those page views with a little hard work and some great marketing know how can bring you in that elusive $100.

If you’ve tried this out and just put AdSense up then I’d love to hear from you with your tales and trials, so please do submit your comments to my blog site where I originally posted this article.

Heck, adding your comment might just get you a new visitor. So why not, reciprocate and mention this article on your site.

Visit the original post here.

Thanks for reading, and may you have a prosperous 2009!


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