Want to Widen The Network ?

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Many people did not realise, that the wide network, that placed themselves to one of the parts inside was a very valuable asset. Equally valuable with assets that were other that really was minded by us, was developed by us and was spoken of highly by us. Many people felt, the network of the relations that is owned by them today was something that his characteristics like fate. What is obtained by them now, was something that had been outlined or predestined. Only friends who was this current that could be requested by them please. Only acquaintanceswho was this current that could be offered to use the product and the service that were sold by them. Et cetera, et cetera.

This that often was heard by us: “I was not suitable to become the sale agency” of the “insurance, I did not have the acquaintance”,”If I worked in the multinational company, I must have the friend – the friend who had concept was wide”; “I was not possible to be able to be received worked in the company, the certain circle that could work there”, “Obviously then, they would the foreign graduate therefore his friend many”. Et cetera, et cetera.

Had they thought, they themselves in fact that was decisive in their any network could be. They that was decisive as wide of the network that could include them. Possibly not many that once. Because, they have created personally “area by area” of “comfort” that afterwards was maintained and made personally by them the fence that afterwards was made again the failure reason for the sake of the failure that was dealt with by them.

Why the “area of comfort” ? Because there did not have the demand of “we have to know deeply”. There did not have the risk was ignored by the persons who was not known by them. There did not have their risk was seen foolish and did not understand the person again what they talked. There might not “be worried about appearances”, “could speak any and acted foolishly in any way”. Not comfortable ? Because, they were in the middle of the persons who has known them.In fact, if we wanted just a few not comfortable for a moment in the middle of the persons who just was known by us, we prepared just a few were greeted or reprimanded by the person, we wanted just a few socks to know socks to be close. The network of the so wide relations was unfolded that involved us inside and made us as a part of them.


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