How to use todays technology to work from home.

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In todays technological world of business, you can easily start your own online cell phone company. Unlike the old brick and mortar store locations your cell phone company comes with everything you’ll need with very lucrative commissions paid to you, without the headaches and high priced options of the store locations.

From starting a free blogger website and hosting a wide variety of videos and photos earning you possibnly hundreds a month on google ad sense or other money paying market.

Many bloggers start review sites talking about a specific movie or book title than offering an affiliates link to buy the movie or book tital.

I have even run acrossed opinion polls and survey sites created by independant bloggers in order to generate clicks or readship to his or her personal blogs.

But the most lucrative and successful businesses I seen started everyday is the Cell phone companies. Never under estimate the little guy. We all heard of Cricket and that compnaies $25 unlimited plan. A company started by independant bloggers and people like you. Offering web assess, GPS, Mapquest, TV, television complete shows formy our personal cell phone.Never just create a free website or blog for advertising banners and links. The internet if full of these types of sites and google is now starting to suspend your accounts for this activity.

Make your website informative in someway. I suggest creating a cell phone review website. A complete website that reviews different cell phones. It would even discuss the pros and cons of each cell phone company.

Example can be which newest phone has the best Television, TV, GPS navigation system, sports scores, Social Networking or any web site viewing capabilities

Read my full step by step guide free and see the secrets to starting your own cell phone company today. So give your website or blog visitors more than just an ad site, Give them information on the latest technology and web worlds and offering them a place to get the newest technology or hottest cell phone and you will be on your way to a profitable cell phone business.

I want to be in the cell phone business TODAY


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