Ballaleshwar Ashta Vinayak Temple of Pali in Maharashtra

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The Ballaleshwar Temple of Pali is the third Ashta Vinayak Temple to be visited during an Ashta Vinayak Temple Yatra. This Temple is situated in the Sudhagad taluka in Raigad District and approximately 110 kms from Pune. This is the only temple of Lord Ganesh which is famous by the name of the Ganesh devotee. The Ganesh idol of Pali is known as Ballal Vinayak and is associated with the legend of a young lad Ballal’s devotion to Lord Ganesh. This Temple is situated between the historical Sanrasgad Fort on one side and River Amba flowing on the other side. There are two lakes in front of the temple.

The original Temple was a wooden temple which was renovated in 1760 to a new stone temple. One specialty of this temple is that during sunrise the rays of the sun fall directly on the Ganesh Idol. This Temple also has a huge 5 Metal Bell which was brought from Europe by Peshwas. There are two Sanctums in the temple, an Inner one and an Outer one. The Inner Sanctum is 15 feet and houses a three-foot Ganesh idol sitting on a stone throne. The Ganesha idol faces east and with his trunk turned left sitting against a background in silver displaying his wives Riddhi and Siddhi waving chamaras. The idol’s navel and eyes are Diamond studded. The Outer Sanctum is around 12 feet and has the idol of Lord Ganeshs vehicle rat holding a modak in its hands and facing Lord Ganesh.

The Ballaleshwar Temple of Pali is accessible through Road. The ideal time to visit this place is anytime except rainy season. Pali is around 124 kms from Pali and around 110 kms from Pune. The nearest railway stations are Panvel and Khopoli.


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